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What is a docx file?

If you want to create and share editable documents online, you will have to use docx files. These are documents created specifically with the idea of sharing all types of content with people from all over the world. This format was first brought in by Word 2010 and since then it has become a staple and the current most popular document file in the world.

Why should I use the .docx format?

Unlike regular documents, this one can easily support a lot more multimedia content. The problem with this kind of stuff is that you always need to find a way to come up with better support and features. And with docx you really get to have all of that. It’s a wonderful and very easy to use format that always puts the power in your hands. It’s designed with a lot of attention to detail and the features you receive are downright astonishing.

Not only that, the true focus here is to add whatever information you want, regardless of how it is available. Until the docx creation, it was very hard to add various kinds of data. But now since there’s so much multimedia content out there, docx manages to make the process a whole lot easier. And it definitely delivers all the value and support that you may need.

How can I a convert a docx file to PDF?

Normally you will not be able to convert docx to PDF without a software solution. There’s no real option and a valid one that will help you get all the support and value that you need from something like this. The problem with docx is that you always have to focus on value and convenience more than anything else. The challenge with this is that it always pushes the boundaries and it brings in front many good results.

However, there are some things you have to do here. The main one is to use our online converter that was particularly created for a docx file to PDF conversion. We can easily help you convert hundreds of docx files to PDF really fast. Yes, the website does have bulk conversion support, so you always get to convert whatever stuff you need.

Which Software can I use to Edit a docx file?

If you want to edit a docx file, you usually have to install MS Office. But a lot more software tools have managed to bring support to this. Open Office, LibreOffice, Abi Word and many others offer support for docx as well. The problem here is that you don’t get native support. You have pretty much the best thing that it can be, but not the native experience.

When you need the native docx experience, you do want to either use MS Word to open the docx file or convert it to PDF. That’s because the conversion process helps you retain the file features and at the same time you maintain the format too. It’s the best option to have a native docx experience without Word installed!

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